What to expect at your first obstetric visit

This will probably be your longest prenatal visit because your provider will want a full medical history. Here are some of the things they will ask you about:

  • Your health and lifestyle.

  • Past pregnancies or miscarriages.
  • Medication use.
  • Birth control methods.
  • Allergies.
  • Partner’s health and medical history

After taking your history, the doctor will probably want to do some tests:

  • Blood test to check for anemia (low iron).
  • Urine test to check for sugar (for diabetes), protein (for kidney problems) and any other infections.
  • Other blood tests to check for anything that might harm your baby.

There may be some questions you want to ask. Here are some starters:

  • Are there any changes I should make to my diet?
  • Who will deliver my baby if you aren’t available?
  • How can I reach you in case of an emergency?
  • Should I change my medications? What should I not take while pregnant?

Source: womenshealth.gov