What to expect during the first trimester:

  • Breast tenderness. Your breasts might be sore at the beginning of your pregnancy. Try switching to a comfier bra.
  • Constipation. Many women are constipated during their pregnancy. Eat more fiber and drink more fluids to get back to normal.
  • Fatigue. Your body is working hard to make a new life, so you will be tired.
  • Food cravings or distastes. Some things may sound great to you, and others might sound disgusting. It’s okay to give in sometimes, just make sure you eat healthy otherwise.
  • Frequent urination. Your growing baby is putting pressure on your bladder, so you might feel like you have to go to the bathroom more than usual.
  • Heartburn. There are more hormones in your body, which could lead to heartburn. Try not to lie down right after eating and avoid greasy, spicy, and acidic foods (fruits like oranges and grapefruits).
  • Mood swings. You will be tired and hormonal, so it’s normal if you are on an emotional roller coaster. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a close friend.
  • Morning sickness. Most women experience nausea during their first trimester. To calm your nausea, eat small bland snacks like crackers as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • Weight gain. During the first trimester, you should gain between 3-6 pounds.