There are some things to think about when choosing a doctor for your child

Pediatrician vs. family physician.

  • Both doctors have four years of medical school. Pediatricians have extra training after medical school about how to take care of children; family physicians learn about how to take care of people of all ages.
  • The advantage to a pediatrician is that they know more about treating children.
  • The plus side to a family practice is that everyone can go to the same doctor.

Methods and manners.

  • Start thinking about how you want your child’s doctor to act. Do you want them to be familiar and casual or formal and professional?


  • Ask your friends, family, and obstetrician if they have any doctors to recommend. They might know who will suit you best.


  • Is the doctor near your house? Do they have hours that work with your schedule? Do they work with your health plan?


Set up a meeting with the doctor. Are you comfortable with him or her? Ask questions and see if their answers work for you. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What are regular office hours?
  • How are emergencies handled after office hours?
  • Who covers for the doctor if he/she is sick or on vacation?