Phosphorous is a mineral that is good for your bones but can cause problems if you have kidney disease. Healthy kidneys are good at taking extra phosphorous out of our bodies. If you have kidney disease, though, phosphorus can build up in your body and cause problems.

Stay away from foods that are high in phosphorous. These include:

  • Beans

  • Chocolate

  • Dairy Foods

  • Liver

  • Nuts

  • Whole grains

Look at labels! Many drinks (including lots of kinds of soda) and processed foods have phosphorous in them.

Look for the letters “phos” on ingredient labels. If you see any of these ingredients on a label, don’t buy it!

  • Calcium phosphate

  • Disodium phosphate

  • Phosphoric acid

  • Monopotassium phosphate

  • Sodium acid pyrophosphate

  • Sodium tripolyphosphate