Do you take more than one kind of medication? If so, it’s important to read these tips. Keeping track of what to take and when can be a challenge so it is important to set up a system that makes it easier. Medication mistakes can make you sick – at the very time when they are supposed to be helping you get well!

  • Keep a list of the medicines that you take. A helpful hint is to snap pictures of the medicine labels and the medicine together, so they are all together in one place. You can print out several copies to be kept in different places and to bring to your doctor’s office with you.

  • Always refill your medications early. You can usually get a refill several days or even a week before you run out of a medication. If you do it ahead of time you don’t run the risk of not having what you need.

  • Use one pharmacy to fill all your medications. This has two advantages. First, it’s smart to have a pharmacist you know in case you have questions. And second, if you always use the same pharmacy, they can help you keep track of when you need refills.

  • Use pillboxes and lists to be organized. Fill your day-to-day pillbox once or twice a week. It’s easy to see what you need to take and also to see whether you took your pills already on a particular day. (Sometimes it’s hard to remember!)

  • Plan routines around your medication. Think about what you take and when. First thing in the morning? At bedtime? With food or on an empty stomach? Make a schedule and do it at the same time every day so it becomes routine.

  • Never, ever skip taking medicines – even if it doesn’t seem like you need it. Chances are, you feel good because your medicines are working!

  • Be aware of the side effects of your different medications. Know which side effects are serious. Write down anything that seems unusual so you can see if there is a pattern. Bring these notes with you when you go to the doctor.

  • Be organized about taking medicines and supplies with you if you go out or travel.