The serving size on a package often does not match the amount most people eat. ½ cup is a typical listed serving size but you may eat a cup of this item or the entire package.  That can make the calories, fat, sodium and other items much higher than they appear at first glance.

Ask yourself, “How many servings am I consuming”?

Using this example, if you believe you would consume half the package, it is actually:

  • 500 calories (¼ of a 2000 calorie diet)

  • 18 grams of saturated fat

  • 52 grams of sugar

  • 150 mg of sodium

Does that meet your health needs?

If not, consider eating a smaller serving or buy a different product that supports your dietary requirements. If possible, try to replace with something fresh, such as:

  • A piece of fruit

  • Carrots or celery sticks

  • Nuts

  • Cheese