The way you cook food can help control your diabetes. Here are some cooking tips to help you make healthier foods at home:

  • Skim fat off the top of soups and stews. It floats to the top when soup chills, so just take it off and reheat.
  • Do not add salt to food or cook with it. If you need flavor, add herbs, spices, lemon juice, or vinegar.
  • Eat or cook with fat-free or low-fat milk instead of whole milk.
  • If you eat meat, choose low fat meats like chicken and turkey. Never fry it, instead grill, broil, stir-fry, or roast.
  • Use lemon juice on fish and veggies instead of butter or other sauces.
  • When you cook, use vegetable sprays instead of oil or butter. If you need oil, choose olive oil or canola oil.
  • Take the skin off of chicken or turkey. Cut fat off of other types of meat.
  • Use low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, cheeses, and meats in recipes.
  • Steam veggies in water or low-salt broth.
  • Cook with whole-grain foods like brown rice and oatmeal.
  • Add vegetables to salads and other dishes.

Source: Learning About Diabetes