Keeping your feet healthy will keep you healthy!

Get a foot exam with your doctor.

Your health care provider should perform a complete foot exam at every appointment.

Check your feet every day.

Look at your bare feet for red spots, cuts, sores, and blisters. If you cannot see the bottoms of your feet, use a mirror or ask someone for help. Pay attention to your healing time.

Wash your feet every day.

Dry them carefully, especially between the toes.

Keep your skin soft and smooth.

Rub a thin coat of skin lotion over the tops and bottoms of your feet, but not between your toes.

If you can see and reach your toenails, trim them when needed.

Trim your toenails straight across and file the edges with an emery board or nail file.

Wear shoes and socks at all times.

Never walk barefoot. Wear comfortable shoes that fit well and protect your feet.

Protect your feet from hot and cold.

Make sure to always wear shoes at the beach or on hot pavement. Don’t put your feet into hot water. Never use hot water bottles, heating pads, or electric blankets. You can burn your feet without realizing it.

Keep the blood flowing to your feet.

Put your feet up when sitting. Wiggle your toes and move your ankles up and down for 5 minutes, two (2) or three (3) times a day. Don’t cross your legs for long periods of time.