Oxygen therapy can be lifesaving – but dangerous if you don’t follow instructions. Here are some things you really need to know:

People with Grade 3 or Grade 4 COPD are usually given oxygen therapy. It helps you breathe more comfortably and also raises the levels of oxygen in your blood. There are several different kinds of oxygen therapy, each with pluses and minuses. All kinds require you to wear either an oxygen mask or nasal prongs.

No one is happy to hear that they need to use oxygen therapy – but it really helps you feel better.

Here are the benefits:

  • Using oxygen for more than 16 hours/day is one of the few treatments that are effective in helping people with COPD live better and longer lives.

  • Using oxygen will help your heart and blood vessels stay healthy.

  • Oxygen therapy helps your muscles function so you can walk around and even exercise.

Your doctor will discuss the different types of oxygen therapy and help choose the kind that’s best for your lifestyle and COPD treatment. Some people need to use oxygen all the time, while others only use it some of the time. He or she will give you information on oxygen suppliers, who will bring the right equipment to your home.

It’s important to follow all instructions and safety advice!

Oxygen therapy can be life-saving but it also can cause serious accidents. Be careful.